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  • Extended 6-Hour Tour Available

Paranormal Investigations at the Aradale Lunatic Asylum

Extended 6-Hour Tour Available

Quick Details

Standard 3 hours
Ultimate 6 hours

Discover the Haunted Locations of the Aradale Lunatic Asylum

Do you think you have what it takes to embark on Australia’s premier paranormal investigation experience? The Aradale lunatic asylum is full of spectres and spirits just waiting to communicate with you.

Come and join us for a three-hour paranormal investigation. Led by Australia’s leading paranormal investigation team, this tour gives you a chance to search for evidence of the paranormal using a large range of state-of-the-art equipment in one of the most haunted locations in Australia.

Be guided by one of our professional paranormal investigators through Australia’s largest abandoned lunatic asylum. With a vast arsenal of impressive ghost hunting equipment, this is your chance to explore parts of the facility otherwise unavailable to the public.

You never know what kind of encounters you might have. Will it be an eerie sound with no obvious source? A blur of motion or signs of movement around you? An unsettling smell indicative of previous occupants? Join us at the Aradale mental asylum and hunt for the patients that still roam these halls.


Three hours not enough? Want a chance to REALLY explore and investigate Aradale? For a longer ghostly experience, book the Ultimate Investigation and spend up to six hours in this spooky building.

Explore parts of the asylum not available on any other tour, and have time to lose yourself in your favourite locations. 

Our trained investigators bring with them an array of equipment including:

  • Night vision cameras
  • Infrared goggles
  • Laser grids
  • EMF detectors
  • Laser thermometers
  • Parabolic microphones
  • Spirit boxes
  • Motion sensors
  • Shadow detectors
  • Ovilus
  • A wide range of other equipment

18+ only [Non-negotiable]


Meet at Ararat Lunatic Asylum 15 minutes prior to departure.

Ararat Lunatic Asylum, Heath St, Ararat, Victoria 3377, Australia